Bergen. (There are a lot of good people around)

Bergen. (There are a lot of good people around)

Bergen I LOVED.

Coming into the city on the bus from the airport, there was a graveyard that was to die for. (YESSSSSSSS QUEEN) I didn’t get a picture, but it hinted at what was in store for my visuals.

I spent only a couple of days, and I could have spent weeks.

I climbed Mount Floyen, ate some super expensive sushi (that wasn’t that great) and almost had to fight a drunk man.  AND I saw Elton John at a fortress. A fortress!! (that was the best part of the show)

OH, and I also saw a little girl taking a deuce in the town square.

There was a chick sunbathing on the mountain. Comical. And get a load of the guy getting a load of her..

There was also a market that was beautiful, where I ate fish and chips, and tried some raw salmons right off a knife.

I took a cruise ship up the coast of Norway, but that is hardly worth mentioning, because here is the truth: I took some sea sickness meds and it knocked me out for 12 hours. And seeing as how the cruise was only 18……. Well. I saw nothing. Probably the worst allocation of funds thus far.

P.S. These European drugs are no joke. I bought some liquid Benedryl, and that also knocked me unconscious in a record amount of time. And then the glass bottle broke in my backpack, making for the first stupid move I’ve made on this trip.