Den Haag.

Den Haag.

I was hating on The Hague. I got there, and it looked so industrial, and there was so much construction near my hotel, and the cab driver was all, “give me more money,” and I was like, “Whatever.” And then it rained.

I decided to hang out in my hotel room and get room service. In the nude. After showering for like, 100 minutes.

The next morning, I woke up super early, and went to go have pancakes at Will’s Pancake House. Then I wandered around The Hague’s Chinatown.

After that, I went to Madurodam. Holland in minatures. SIGN ME UP, PLEASE.

I tried to go to the Japanes Garden, but it was closed today.  (?)

So I went to a park where there was just a cow hanging out next to a creek/canal. And then a duck swam by. This is basically the countryside of Holland, in a nutshell.