I arrived at the Keflavik airport at 4:15 am, 50 minutes or so away from Reykjavik. I knew that I would just want to sleep the minute I got off the plane.. For some reason, all of my travel preparations added up to 15 hours of travel time. This is classic me being anxious, and not willing to ever miss a flight.
When I got to the airport, I took out way too much money at the ATM (60,000 ISK), and flagged down a cab in the rain.
Kind of a gleepy weirdo, who was surprised every time I spoke to him.
I got to my hotel and used the code to get in, as there was no one at the front desk.
My name was on an envelope on a shelf, with a key inside.
Sleep sleep sleep.

In the morning, I took another taxi back to the airport to get a bus to Reykjavik. My hotel was quite literally in the middle of nowhere, so no public transportation was available. I took the bus into Reykjavik, then a taxi to my hotel. I for sure could have walked, but.. to where?
For the first two days, I stayed at the Skolabru Guesthouse. A cute comfortable room in a cute comfy house with a shared bathroom and kitchen.
I have since moved to a hostel on the main shopping and eating drag, and I have to say how surprised I am that I enjoy it as much as I do. (Don’t think I didn’t want to murder the little chickies that came in at 3:33am and flashed my eyeballs with their phone flashlights and midriffs.)

My first 5 minutes here I met a woman around my age from England/Australia. Her name is Lynsie and she has been a super fun time to hang out with. She had me at “Get Fucked”, a declaration made at a bank operator after she had hung up. Fast friends.
I took a couple of tours, and have scoured every inch of this town on foot.
I’ve decided that I will not eat whale, nor puffin, but have made fast work of their fish and chips.

Guess what. Skyr is just yogurt. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

That’s where I’m at now. My hostel. Comfy and cute and pretty fun. People from all over the world. You know. The usual.

Number One Observation Of Reykjavik: The men here are ridiculously good looking. On a level that is otherworldly.
Here is Reykjavik.